Why we don't offer discounts !

Discounting is the easiest thing to do for a brand. If a brand wants to sell a garment for Rs.2000, it can simply put the MRP as Rs.4000 and offer the customer a 50% "discount."

The above screenshot was taken on 2nd September 2022 and showcased the products listed on the same date- 2nd September - on a leading Indian e-commerce website.
As you can see, most products are on 50-70% discount on their launch date.
Unfortunately, You will see this trend across most of the websites.

Brands are indulging in "MRP Fraud": inflating the MRP and offering a misleading discount.

We do not sell on Indian marketplaces. One of the many reasons is that scaling up on these platforms depends on deep discounting, often backed by MRP frauds.  

Not all discounts are fake !

We do not claim that every discount is fake. In fact, as a shopper, I often buy some of my favorite clothes and shoes at a bargain. I recently purchased a Nike pair of shoes for 35% off and Zodiac Shirts for 20% off. However, I trust these brands because most of their merchandise is sold at MRP or 5-10% discount, and only during stockout seasons do they liquidate their inventory at deep discounts.

But, if a company offers all its merchandise at 50% off, I would stay away from that brand.

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